Life Matters: Bradley Mattes, President of Life Issues Institute

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Why is the abortion industry trying to discredit Dr. George Delgado's 'Abortion Pill Reversal' progesterone protocol and his partnering with a distribution network called Heartbeat International? Is it a threat to the abortion industry's increasing, and more profitable chemical, aka medical abortions? Dr. Delgado's recent study show a 68 percent success rate of progesterone overriding the first abortion pill, mifepristone, and leading to the birth of babies. First, Brad Mattes explains why the 'chemical abortion two pill protocol' is so dangerous. Then he refutes the unethical study by pro-abortion advocates and abortionists Mitchell D. Creinin, Laura Dalton, Melody Y. You, Rachel Steward and Melissa J. Chen. This 'UC Davis' study was abruptly terminated after three of twelve subjects ended up severely hemorrhaging requiring an ambulance to transport them to the hospital. Despite this 'aborted' and incomplete study, ACOG's medical journal still had the unmitigated gall to publish an article impugning and discrediting the progesterone protocol with obvious bias and specious reasoning.
12/19/2019 12:00:00 AM

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