Life Matters: Monica M. Miller, Ph.D., Citizens For A Pro-Life Society

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Dr. Miller, author of the book 'Abandoned ... the Untold Story the Abortion Wars', tells how the recent sudden death of Indiana abortionist Ulrich Klopfer has brought notoriety to the nefarious nature of the abortion industry. Klopfer kept 2,246 preserved aborted babies in his home and another 100 or so in the trunk of his Mercedes. Was Klopfer too cheap to properly dispose of the aborted remains or did he view these aborted remains as trophies? Dr. Miller knew of Klopfers, and other abortionists like Michael Roth exploits as far back as 1988 when she would find dead babies in boxes on shipping docks, in trash bins and in dumpsters. How have Pro-Lifers pay respect to these unnamed babies and give them a proper burial over the decades. And what and when is the National Day of Remembrance for these oft forgotten aborted babies?

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