Life Matters: Patrick Marmion, M.D., MPH, OB/GYN

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One of the most deceitful and insidious lies perpetrated by the abortion industry is that 'abortion is 14 times safer than childbirth'! Dr. Patrick Marmion and Dr. Ingrid Skop, both OB/GYNs, recently co-authored a well researched paper entitled ' Induced Abortion and the Increased Risk of Maternal Mortality'. Both the numerator and the denominator of this equation are highly suspect. For instance, death certificates almost never mention abortion as the underlying cause of death. Moreover, the definition of Maternal Mortality subsequent to pregnancy has been expanded from 30 days to 365 days. And states are still trying to agree on an uniform definition of Maternal Mortality. Many issues are explained by Dr. Marmion as to why the Maternal mortality rate is fraught with error. Conversely, in Finland, that tracks the issue closely among its entire Finnish population, has concluded that giving birth is four times 'safer' than abortion!

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