Life Matters: Maureen Maloney, 'Angel Mom'

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Matthew Denice, age 23, was killed by a hit and run illegal alien in August 20011, who dragged Matthew a quarter mile to his death. His mother, Maureen Maloney, tells of her experience of more than three years in court seeking a conviction. She has become a leading spokeswoman for the 4,000 Americans killed and 20,00 sex crimes by illegal aliens each year. The emotional toll on American families is great. She discusses the financial costs are enormous with identity theft, a resurgence in diseases like drug resistant tuberculosis, illegal immigration, increased housing costs, traffic congestion, public school budgets and parents dying prematurely of a broken heart. While Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey rejected the pleas of Maureen and 'Angel Families', Donald Trump in August of 2015 told Maureen her son's death will not be in vain and has been a huge supporter since then. Maureen explains why sanctuary cities are a magnet for illegal immigrants, drug dealers and crime. And much, much more.

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