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Our top story: a Boston Police captain is placed on paid leave, pending an investigation. Haseeb Hosein is the first Muslim in the department's history to hold the rank of captain. He's the commander of Area B-Three in Mattapan. The state has approved a new application process for the METCO program, with students chosen by lottery. Providing voluntary desegregation for urban students at suburban schools, METCO was founded in 1926. Most than half the eligible students in the Boston Schools are missing out on free breakfasts. That, according to a new statewide report card from the nonprofit Eos Foundation. The foundation also found similar problems with breakfasts for low-income students in eleven other school districts. Interview with two members of the Chinatown Stabilization Committee, Martin Gao and Issay Matsumoto.

5/7/2019 12:00:00 AM

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