NNN: 4/18/19

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We begin tonight with an off-year flood of candidates for Boston City Council. According to the Boston Globe, twelve candidates have filed their intention to run at-large. That's compared with only eight candidates two years ago, when there was also a vote for mayor. The city's reporting mixed results on efforts increase traffic safety. According to the Globe, the number of fatal crashes last year in Boston was down by almost fifty percent. The city's considering four plans for redeveloping the former site of a police station at Dudley Square, in Roxbury. According to the Globe, one plan is for a housing development mainly for teachers, artists, and city workers. Interview with Priscilla Flint-Banks, Candidate for City Council. Dorchester Update with Jennifer Smith, News Editor at The Dorchester Reporter.

4/18/2019 12:00:00 AM

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