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Tonight on Talk of the Neighborhoods we’ll be joined by three incredible guests, all of whom are deeply passionate about education in Boston. First we have Edith Bazile, the founder and executive director of Black Advocates for Educational Excellence. We will also be joined by Shane Dunn, the parent of a 1st grader at the Nathan Hale Elementary School in Roxbury where he lives. Shane also serves on the Hale’s School Parent Council and the Citywide Parent Council and he’ll let us know what’s happening at the Hale and more broadly across the district. And we will also be joined by longtime community leader and activist Louis Elisa, President of the Garrison-Trotter Neighborhood Association among so many other titles, and he will be sharing information with us on the latest at our city’s vocational technical school, Madison Park.

5/30/2024 12:00:00 AM

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