Boston Neighborhood Network News - 11/10/2023 5:30:00 PM

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Nightly News program with Faith Imafidon.

11/10/2023 5:30:00 PM


BNN News Story - West Roxbury Residents Speak on Issues Ahead of City Council Elections 00:00:11

BNN News Story - City Council Results 00:02:21

BNN News Story - NAICB Celebrates Native American Heritage Month at City Hall 00:02:46

BNN News Story - Massachusetts Leaders Announce Limited Student Loan Forgiveness Program 00:06:20

BNN News Story - Unionized REI Workers Walk Out In Protest of Sudden Layoffs 00:10:21

BNN News Story - 2nd Annual Pumpkin Composting Event is a Smash Hit 00:14:23

BNN Interview with Heather Hurd, Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield 00:16:11

BNN News Preview - Boston Screening and Reactions to 'RUSTIN' Biopic, Starring Coleman Domingo 00:21:36

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